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'And the Wind Whispered...' new single by Theo Young

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And the Wind Whispered...Theo Young
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Approved artist bio for immediate release

Theo is a British guitarist, composer and mixing engineer from Norfolk, UK. His instrumental, guitar-driven style is best described as progressive rock, as he weaves together dramatic riffs, soulful melodies and imaginative textures in to almost cinematic, story-like compositions. He's often compared to prominent musicians in the scene such as Plini, Jakub Zytecki and David Maxim Micic, from whom he takes great inspiration. Other influences include Karnivool, Leprous, Mark Lettieri, Guthrie Govan and Arctic Monkeys. He is deeply influenced by the natural environment, as well as other artists, culture and spirituality. ​ In 2014 he released his first 6 track EP, Shadowplay, followed by his first full length album, Tales from the Inland Sea, in 2022. His new single, 'And the Wind Whispered...', follows on from his previous 2023 release 'Stockholm Nights' with a cleaner, more upbeat sound, whilst still retaining his trademark playful-yet-poignant style.

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About 'And the Wind Whispered...'

This track takes numerous melodic and rhythmic motifs and continually evolves them to weave together a complex and uplifting story. The delicate and soulful lead guitar work rests atop a driving rhythm section to create a mesmerising landscape of quirks and flairs. The addition of piano and strings sections sees Theo adding new flavours to his palette, as he sprinkles them throughout the composition and then uses them to help drive home the powerful final throes of the track.

From Theo

This track evokes a particular sense of nostalgia for me (as is the aim of most of the music I write) of travelling to a place called Blakeney Point, by boat with my family, as a young boy. It also aims to draw near to the feeling I sometimes get of being exposed to the elements; the poetic, almost mystical sense of them. This track is, in particular, about the wind, about the breeze, and the silent messages it conveys to the mind that is willing to listen.

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Writing, recording and mixing: Theo Young

Mastering: Theo Young

Artwork: Theo Young

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Press photos

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Theo is an independent,

self-managed artist.

Contact him here:

+44 7942 3878 42

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