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Theo is a British guitarist, composer and producer from Norfolk, UK. His credits include collaborations with Faithless and RPlus.

His signature style of guitar-driven, instrumental rock weaves together dramatic riffs, intricate arrangements and lyrical guitar playing to create cinematic, story-like compositions.


In 2023 Theo embarked on his journey to create production music for the TV and film industry, specialising in indie rock and sports rock. He currently has his music signed with Twisted Jukebox

Having picked up the guitar at around 8, Theo began to have local lessons through which he learnt finger style and country guitar. However, by the time he was 12, he had discovered that he could write and record his own musical ideas, and so the passion was born. Later, during challenging times in his early 20s, music was the guiding light that lead him out of a dark hole and in to his ambition to share his musical visions with the world.


He is deeply influenced by the natural environment, as well as other artists, culture and spirituality. ​In 2014 he released his first 6 track EP, Shadowplay, followed by his first full length album, Tales from the Inland Sea, in 2022. Theo's new singles Stockholm Nights and And the Wind Whispered... were released in early 2023, marking a new phase in his career and a refining of his artistic voice. 

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